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More than just a barrier, a wooden fence becomes an extension of your home.

At Atlanta Fencing Company, we understand the desire to create a private haven in your own backyard. That’s why we specialize in crafting beautiful and secure wooden privacy fences, designed to seamlessly integrate with your home and enhance your outdoor living experience. Naturally elegant and exceptionally durable, our wooden privacy fences offer a multitude of benefits:

Built to Last

Pressure-treated lumber and naturally resistant woods like cedar ensure your fence withstands the elements, offering lasting value and beauty.

Strength that Surprises

Wooden fences are cost effective, but don’t underestimate their power. Sturdy posts, firmly anchored in concrete footings, create an unshakeable foundation. High-quality wood panels form a formidable barrier, deterring unwanted visitors and creating a safe haven for your loved ones. Depending on the chosen style and height, your wooden fence can be a symbol of both warmth and unwavering security.

Style for Every Taste

Choose from a variety of styles – from classic picket fences to solid privacy fences, decorative shadowboxes, or rustic split-rail designs – to find the perfect fit for your taste and property needs. You can further customize your fence with different wood types, like the rich warmth of cedar or the affordability of pressure-treated pine. This allows you to create a fence that seamlessly complements your home’s architecture and enhances your outdoor space.

Eco-Friendly Choice

Wood is a naturally renewable resource, and with responsible sourcing practices, you can be confident your fence isn’t contributing to environmental damage. Additionally, at the end of its lifespan, a wooden fence can be recycled or repurposed, reducing waste and minimizing its environmental impact.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What type of wood is best for a privacy fence?

This depends on your budget, desired aesthetics, HOA rules and climate. Popular choices include

Installation time varies depending on the size and complexity of the project. We will provide you with an estimated timeframe during the consultation process.

Cedar: Naturally rot-resistant, beautiful reddish-brown color, but more expensive.

Pressure-treated pine: Affordable, readily available, requires regular staining or sealing.

Redwood: Naturally weather-resistant, rich color, high upfront cost.

With proper maintenance (staining/sealing) and depending on the wood type, a well-built wooden privacy fence can last 15-30 years or even longer.

The cost varies depending on the size, style, wood type, and complexity of the project.

Permit requirements vary by HOA, City and County rules. Atlanta Fencing Company can help you the process.