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Classic charm meets functionality for your rustic landscape.

At Atlanta Fencing Company, our split rail fences offer a rustic, traditional look that complements any rural or suburban property. These fences are perfect for delineating property lines while maintaining an open, welcoming feel. Our split rail fences are crafted with the following benefits:

Durable & Dependable

Made from high-quality, pressure-treated wood or naturally resistant cedar, our split rail fences are designed to withstand the elements and provide long-lasting beauty.

Sturdy Construction

Despite their rustic appearance, split rail fences are surprisingly robust. The rails are securely fit into the posts, creating a solid boundary that can also serve practical purposes such as containing livestock.

Rustic Appeal

Available in different wood types and finishes, split rail fences can be customized to match your property’s aesthetic. Whether you prefer a rough-hewn look or a more polished finish, we can create the perfect fence for your needs.

Natural and Sustainable

Wood is a renewable resource, and our split rail fences are crafted with sustainably sourced materials, ensuring minimal environmental impact. They can also be recycled or repurposed at the end of their life.

We build a place where memories are made and relaxation reigns supreme


What type of wood is best for a split rail fence?

This depends on your budget and aesthetic preferences. Popular choices include:

  • Cedar: Naturally rot-resistant, beautiful reddish-brown color, but more expensive.
  • Pressure-treated pine: Affordable, readily available, requires regular staining or sealing.

proper maintenance and depending on the wood type, a well-built split rail fence can last 15-25 years.

The cost varies depending on the size, style, wood type, and complexity of the project.

Permit requirements vary by HOA, city, and county rules. Atlanta Fencing Company can help you through the process.